Signs You Would Benefit From Simple Construction Management Software

Benefits of Construction Management Software

How to get the Benefits of Construction Management Software?

Most businesses want to save as much time and money as possible; this is especially true in construction. Delays not only cut into the business’s expenses but also the livelihood of contractors. Inefficiency is something that everyone working in this area should avoid. Therefore, this article brings you many benefits of construction management software.

 Here are tips on how to keep teams and clients on track and another couple of signs that you could benefit from it:

Your Clients are Causing Delays

Delays caused by clients are completely avoidable. It could happen from not being able to make decisions on time, forgetting what was ordered and ordering the wrong item, in other words, things that would cause too much trouble for both sides, the client and the contractor.

Construction Management Software, such as Pillar, doesn’t allow it to happen. We offer features for discussions about selections, task delegations, and storing relevant details. Most importantly, it creates a record of the client’s choices.

Your Current Management Software is Difficult to Use

Softwares are tools and should be intuitively created. This isn’t the case with most softwares which have poorly designed interfaces and hundreds of useless features. We believe this is counter-productive and that’s why Pillar was built to avoid this.

We boiled down our application to the essential features of project management and client communication. Pillar is the easiest software to use, all while still increasing efficiency on site.

Your Stack Of Notebooks Keep Getting Larger and Larger

Writing down selections on paper and then transferring them to an excel sheet? It’s incredibly painful and takes up more time than necessary.

Storing everything in one central location is an obvious solution; but why nobody did it correctly yet? Pillar’s simple selections tool allows your clients to make all their decisions in the app. It gives the client the responsibility of filling out their selections and makes your job easier.

You Spend Considerable Amounts of Time Texting or Calling Clients

Communication is key to any project, but there’s always room for improvement. Not every little change is worth a text or a call; in fact, too many calls or texts just lead to details being lost in massive text chains or long phone calls.

This is why we created a built-in chat for managing your projects. If you or your clients make changes to a selection, you just add it directly into the chat dedicated to its respective selection. This creates a record for the whole team of all changes made. The best part: all while reducing redundant phone calls and endless text chains.

Ready to Get the Benefits of Construction Management Software?

 If something said above is a problem for you on a daily basis, then yes, Pillar is the right thing for you.

Come request early access today to save on your subscription to Pillar. We see you there!

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