Business Growth: The Benefits of Communication Software

Benefits of Communication Software

The Benefits Of Communication Software

Spotty project management, angry clients and disorganized spreadsheets do not need to exist in the construction industry. All construction firms face these issues, from remodeling contractors to commercial builders. They are universal issues, yet everybody seems to accept them as a part of the job. All of these problems can be a thing of the past; here’s a breakdown of these issues and the Benefits of Communication Software:

Lack Of Communication: Solved

Communication is the key to any project going smoothly. A tiny delay in communication can result in subs showing up on a wrong day, clients not finalizing selections in time or not having the necessary supplies to finish the job. Any of these occurring can cause a delay in the completion of the project, hence making effective communication the key to staying on track.

Keeping your client in the loop is incredibly important for the project to go according to plan. This is why Pillar introduced our tasks and selections function built into the app; tasks allow you and your client to know what needs to be done, and by what date, for the project to go smoothly; the selections tool allows your clients to finalize their selections, broken down by subsections of the project. This minimizes confusion as to what the client wants in each room, encompassing all details of the project from paint, to trim, to appliances. 

Streamlining communication across all parties is key to keeping the project going according to plan. Successful firms understand this and utilize communication software to avoid menial project hiccups that shouldn’t occur, saving incredible amounts of time and money throughout a project.

Replace the Spreadsheet

Managing financials, work orders, timelines, and selections across a multitude of simultaneously occurring projects just can’t be effectively done through a spreadsheet, let alone trying to manage it through numerous spreadsheets, and sometimes even separate platforms. This decentralized organization is counterintuitive to what an organized structure should be; hence, successful firms quickly realize that being able to manage all details of a project, from file management to timeline management should be organized in a centralized location.

This is where project management softwares come in. These softwares organize everything, everything, needed to successfully manage your project. Pillar has accomplished this by centralizing all aspects of file management, project management and client communication into one location, making your job easier than ever. 

We are still in our infancy stages, and still developing our final product, which is a great opportunity for your firm- we want to hear what you need out of a project management app. Come request a demo to see what we’ve built so far, but most importantly,  tell us what else you need to effectively run your business. We’re all ears, and more than happy to tweak the design of our app to suit your needs before it’s fully developed.

Efficient Businesses Grow and Scale Faster

The fewer problems you have, the easier it is to grow and scale. Why let mundane problems, namely disorganization and miscommunication, bog down your business? Weak organization and communication make it difficult to take on more projects, as well as larger ones.

Growth requires taking on more responsibility, expanding the team, and expanding the client base. This requires a highly organized, structured and streamlined building process; this is why successful firms utilize project management software. 

As the stress of client communication and project organization is alleviated through the use of these softwares, your work-life balance becomes more balanced, your projects run smoother, client satisfaction increases and your business can grow with unprecedented ease. 

Sound Familiar?

If yes, come visit us at our website. We are still under production but rapidly nearing release; come let us know what other pains you experience while running your business, we’ll be able to build around it. Here at Pillar, we’re big on communication; hence, communicating your issues allows us to build a project management application that you’ll enjoy.

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