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Modern Coordination for Homebuilders

You use the right tool for the right job in the field. Do the same when coordinating your projects.

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What we offer

Tools Tailored to the Needs of Everyone in Your Pipeline

Here at Pillar, we're working hard to solve one of the biggest problems facing homebuilders today, coordination. Whether it be with your clients, subs, or vendors; keeping everyone on informed, on-task and working towards the completion of a project is difficult. Pillar makes this simple by providing interfaces tailored for the needs of every key stakeholder.


Modern Client Experience, More Referrals

Today's homeowners spend their lives working with modern software and expect a user experience not currently offered anywhere in the homebuilding space. Stand out from the crowd with Pillar's intuitively organized material selections, giving your clients an experience your competitors can't match.


Avoid Mix-ups, Export Everything

When working with subs and vendors, we all know it is difficult to get them to use any new technology, and in the field you may not have enough signal to make calls, let alone use an application. Pillar provides the ability to seamlessly export all of the information in the system into PDFs you can print and share.


CYA With Advanced Record Keeping

Pillar tracks who did what, when, and where across the system. Get client actions and signoffs on each individual element so it is clear when decisions were made and who made them.

How we help

A sleek, modern platform focused on saving you time and headaches

Project coordination is rated among the most frustrating parts of being a general contractor. Educating homeowners, coordinating with subs, getting vendor quotes on time, and executing in the field gets messy and tiresome. Pillar fixes this through providing an array of tools focused on making coordination a breeze.

Reduce client selection misses

Pillar notifies your clients about upcoming selection deadlines before you need them, giving you time back you would have spent messaging them.

No more "he said, she said"

Pillar tracks all actions taken by you and your clients on a project and provides it in an easy-to-read format.

Type once, use everywhere

Input project information one time and let Pillar create the necessary documents you need to get bids, get vendor quotes, and instruct your field staff.

Happy, engaged customers

Modern homeowners are used to working in sleek applications for everything they do. Provide your clients with a modern touch that will have them raving to their friends.

More business

Clients who have a great experience working with you are more likely to recommend you to their friends. Give yourself the edge over your competition.

Easy to setup

No need to invest hours of time educating your staff. Pillar's intuitive platform is easy to setup and use, leveraging modern best-of-breed design.

Kavanagh Construction used Pillar to help us organize the project schedule and selections so we wouldn't miss any deadlines. It was a huge help especially with how Covid has been affecting lead times. We are so happy with how our remodel turned out and how smooth the project went.

Kari Apter
Homeowner, Kavanagh Construction Client

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