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Remodels On-Time and On-Budget

Pillar HomePlan gives you the tools you need to ensure you are getting the most for your money on your remodel.

What we offer

Get Your Remodel Done On-Time and On-Budget

Remodeling a home is costly and challenging. Small mistakes and decisions can lead to drastic consequences in terms of project cost and resale value. Ensure you are getting the most for your money with Pillar HomePlan.

Mood Board Tool
intuitive mood Boards

Organize your Vision, Fast

With Pillar HomePlan, you can quickly save links from across the web using our chrome extension, then organize those items into beautiful mood boards that you can share with contractors, architects, and interior designers to communicate your project scope and vision quickly.

Job Cost and Bid comparison

Understand the Costs

With the price of materials and labor in constant flux, use Pillar to get a quick understanding of how much your project should cost before getting bids. Use this understanding to compare bids and work with contractors to ensure you have the most accurate bid possible.

Compare Bids
Budget Tracker
Budget tracker

Easily Import Budgets and Track Expenses

As your job moves forward, easily track your material budgets as well as what was purchased. Keep a record of who spent what, where, when, and what they bought with Pillar's intuitive budget management system.

How we help

A sleek, modern platform focused on saving you time and headaches

Project coordination is rated among the most frustrating parts of any homebuilding project. Keeping material selections organized and on-time while ensuring everyone is aware of the changes can be a massive time sync. With Pillar, it doesn't have to be so hard.

Reduce selection misses

Pillar makes it easy to organize and communicate material selections. No more missing important ordering deadlines

Stay up to speed

With Pillar, it is easy to quickly learn what you need to know as a homeowner to be an effective partner for your contractor.

Understand Costs

Construction is a highly variable landscape with costs and timelines constantly in flux. Understand what this takes so you're not surprised.

Stay on Budget

The little decision across a project's lifetime add up. Easily stay on top of where the money is going with Pillar HomePlan's budget tool.

Higher Quality Work

With Pillar, be the effective partner all contractors want to have. By communicating efficiently and effectively you can ensure nothing is rushed and the highest quality work possible.

Share your vision

With Pillar's intuitive mood boards you can easily share your project vision with construction professionals and friends.