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A Modern System to Coordinate your Dream Home

Tired of the constant miscommunications on your homebuilding projects? So are we. Pillar is designed to make communication and reference a breeze for you and every trade you interact with.

What we offer

An Elegant Tool for Collaboration Throughout your Project

In order for your remodel or new home build to be successful, your selections have to change hands many times between when you decide on what you want and the final product being built. This leads to many points of failure where small details can be missed as your selections move between your designer, architect, contractor, subcontractors and vendors. Pillar solves this by gathering that information in one place and providing unique views and tools optimized for every trade you interact with.

Design Phase

Imagining your Dream Home

The best part of any project, imagining and designing your dream home. At this point, whether working with a designer or doing it yourself, Pillar's powerful templates make it easy to begin planning your project and understanding what you need to do to prepare.

Validation Phase

Planning to Make Your Dream a Reality

After you've decided on how you want everything to look, you'll need to have it reviewed by Architects and Contractors to ensure everything works together and can be executed on-time and on-budget. Pillar provides an intuitive interface for building professionals to quickly get up to speed on your project, helping you through the process.


Lock in Your Decisions

After everything has been decided and validated your project is almost ready to go! However, you'll want to keep a record of what was signed off, when it was signed off, and who signed it off to ensure everyone knows what to execute on. Pillar's signoff system allows for just that.​

Execution phase

Give Your Contractor the Information They Need

After everything has been locked in and signed off, your contractor now needs to take those decisions, break it apart by trade, and coordinate with every individual and organization to execute your vision. Pillar limits risk of miscommunication by providing a simple, yet powerful export mechanism to take your signed-off specifications and send them directly to those who need them.

reference phase

All of the Context, All in One Place

As your project is moving through execution, to completion, then move in, keeping track of the specifications, signoffs, and conversations is more important than ever. Quickly and easily reference all of the information you provided against what is being built, never worrying about playing the blame game again. Also, Pillar's exporting feature serves as an easy way to reference all of the materials used in your remodel for easier repairs and sharing information of your remodel with friends.

How we help

Making residential construction a more collaborative experience

Residential construction is hard. Taking your dream and turning it into a reality is a full time job. Pillar exists to create a simple, standardized way to organize and communicate your decisions with your contractor in a way that makes their job easier too.

Know when decisions are needed

Pillar gives your contractor a tool to put deadlines on selections to match their project schedule. Be notified when you need to have selections complete.

No more "he said, she said"

Pillar tracks all actions taken on selections by everyone in the project. Keep track of who did what when for easy reference as your project goes on.

Reduce change orders

Once your data is in the system, Pillar creates the necessary documents your contractor needs to get bids, get vendor quotes, and instruct their field staff. All without playing telephone with your data.

A modern user experience

Residential construction is one of the slowest industries to adopt new technology. At Pillar, we're working to move the industry towards a modern user experience.

Quick reference for maintenance

After your project is complete and you have moved into your new or updated home, remembering what everything is to maintain your home is almost impossible. Pillar creates a registry of all of your selections for easy reference later.

Easy to setup

Pillar's system organizes data in a way that is easy to setup and understand for everyone in any project.

Kavanagh Construction used Pillar to help us organize the project schedule and selections so we wouldn't miss any deadlines. It was a huge help especially with how Covid has been affecting lead times. We are so happy with how our remodel turned out and how smooth the project went.

Kari Apter
Homeowner, Kavanagh Construction Client

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