Hundreds of selections, one simple solution.

Superior Client Experience

Give your clients a modern application, similar to the ones they use in other aspects of their lives. Increase your business with happy, engaged customers.

Type Once, Use Everywhere

Input selection information once in a standard place. All information is then stored in an easily accessible location, making details transparent and changes in selections easy to manage.

No More "He Said, She Said"

Pillar keeps track of all actions taken during the duration of a project by all users and presents it in an easy-to-read format. Let all parties do their own research about why something happened the way it did and keep records of client decisions.

Communication, All in One Place

Keep communication about selections and client expectations all in one easy-to-use dashboard. No more having to crawl through piles of texts, emails, notes, and voicemails to find the information you need.

Streamlined Client Communication

Pillar offers an area to chat about selections, rooms and features in an organized fashion. Need to discuss details about the master bath? Add comments directly into the space where it’s being managed. Add files, photos, or anything else you need to get your point across, all while keeping everything streamlined and organized.

Revisions, Made Easy

Selections change all the time; we’ve already planned around that.

Change Of Status

In this example, the client has already finalized their selection of the cabinetry in the master bathroom. This confirmed selection is highlighted green, with a small “confirmed” check box in the upper right corner. However, they have the option to change the status if they click on the “confirmed” button.


We don’t want selections to be changed accidentally, so we’ve implemented a verification process to ensure that the change of status is correct. Whether you or your client decide to change the selection, you will need to confirm any revision by typing “REVISION”, with the ability to add comments to explain the change. “Pocket dials” will be impossible with this.

Confirmation of Change

The changed selection will be highlighted red, with a “Needs Revision” sticker attached to it. A notification will be sent back to you saying that the selection needs a revision. Once you go and confirm it, we’ll send a notification back to the client saying everything was cleared. 

Log of Revisions

Once revisions are made, you can check the history of the log. No more pointing fingers; with this feature, you know exactly who made changes to an element and when.

Never Get Lost in the Details.

From windows to handles to trim to finish, there’s countless selections that must be tracked during the course of a project. Our selections tool is designed to efficiently manage all the details, while providing you an efficient space to communicate with clients. Coupled with our tasks and notifications features, you’ll be more efficient than ever.

Ready To Get More Done?

Explore New Possibilities with Pillar.


Let Pillar notify you when client’s change statuses, add or complete tasks, or anything else that requires your attention arises. Communication and organization, simplified.


Time is money, and tasks are how you spend it. Create and actively manage tasks for your company, your clients, and yourself. Your responsibilities have never been so easy to manage.