3 Solutions To Common Issues With Clients

Solutions To Common Issues With Clients

Solutions To Common Issues With Clients – Start now!

Residential construction is never easy, and here at Pillar, we’ve experienced plenty of projects gone sideways. We’ve interviewed hundreds of contractors and had the pleasure of listening to their problems on the job site, and had the time to think of a solution that encompasses all of these problems. Here are some Solutions To Common Issues With Clients:

Incorrect custom orders

You’ve ordered a custom material. Whether it’s cut incorrectly or there’s an unexpected flaw, you can’t install it as-is. Prior to starting the project, you and your client created construction specifications. The purpose of construction specifications is to define and clearly detail the materials to be ordered for the job. Avoiding incorrect custom orders is easy when the custom order specifications are placed in an easy-to-access location, such as Pillar. Our app’s selections tool allows your clients to store their exact custom orders into the app, visible to both you and them. This will eliminate the possibility of them accusing you that you’ve made an incorrect custom order; so long as they place the custom order into the app and you follow what they selected, they won’t be able to accuse you of incorrectly making an order. The record of the selection is right on the app, accessible 24/7.

Miscommunication with Timelines

We’ve noticed that oftentimes, clients just aren’t on the same page with what needs to be done, and when. This can include making decisions on appliances, trim and finish so that it can be ordered in time to not cause any expected delays. This should be easy to remember, but without a strict schedule, clients will often forget about these deadlines and get too caught up in daydreaming about what this paint versus that paint would look like, and aren’t able to make a decision in time. 

A simple solution to this is to provide your clients with a project timeline so that deadlines aren’t forgotten, such as through a platform like Pillar. Our app offers a timeline for both you and your clients to follow, visible to them 24/7, while also allowing them to store their selections directly into the app, visible to you. This can include sizes of rooms, appliances, finishes, trims, or any other detail needed for the project to be completed. 

Communicating ideas and timelines are paramount to the completion of the project, and with apps like Pillar, timelines and project details are able to be shared instantly, whether it be something that you need your client to do or something that they want out of their project. 

Missing Contracts

Signing contracts before any work begins is an obvious solution to this issue, but what makes contracts even more efficient is placing them in a spot that is easily accessible to be viewed not only by you, but also your client. Pillar allows you to put work contracts, such as payment contracts, directly into the app. You can then add the payment schedule directly into the overall project schedule, so your client knows exactly when they need to pay you so that you can continue on with the project in a timely manner. Payment delays cause delays in the project that shouldn’t necessarily exist, and by avoiding unnecessary delays, you save time on the project and are able to take on more projects throughout the year. 

Putting digital copies of work contracts into an app that is meant to be used by both you and your client allows them to review the contracts whenever they please, saving you the time of having to sift through your cabinets to bring them the physical copy for them to review when they request it. Along with easily accessible payment schedules, utilizing project management softwares that engage the client will save you countless hours, allowing you to take on more projects throughout the year.

About Pillar

Pillar is a project management software that specializes in residential construction. Our platform lays out the entire project timeline on one application, visible to both the contractor and the homeowner so that there’s no confusion as far as what needs to be done that day for the project to finish on time. Our selections tool makes it easier than ever for homeowners to choose exactly what they want in each room of their remodel, storing information such as appliances, paint, finished, trim etc into the application for the contractor to view, so that this information is never lost and change orders become less frequent. By laying out the project timeline, delays become less frequent, saving time and money for both parties. To find out if Pillar could help you with your next home project, come check out our website, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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