About Us

About Us

Communication is Key

Clear and timely communication is the backbone of successful projects. Built by contractors, for contractors, Pillar is designed to make coordinating with your clients fast, intuitive and stress-free.


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Our approach

Listen, then Build

Our goal is to improve your business, save you time and grow your bottom line. That’s why we vet our solutions through a team of practicing contractors with decades of field experience.

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Our story

Founded to Solve Problems

Pillar was founded in 2019 by a diverse group of individuals who understand how complex it is to be a residential contractor. We’ve spent the last three years building a platform that’s custom-tailored to contractors’ most common challenges — based on feedback from some of the most respected contractors in the industry. Our focus is, and always will be, to make Pillar feel as natural, useful and effective as your must-have tools in the field.

Our Values

Contractors First

Pillar is built by contractors, for contractors. Plain and simple.

Ease of Use

Our favorite tools are the ones we feel like we couldn’t live without. We hold Pillar to that standard.

Speed & Efficiency

Time is your most valuable resource. Pillar is designed to help you win back more of it.

Zero Downtime

Pillar is built using best-in-class infrastructure so we can ensure that it’s always ready to do its job.

Modern UX

Clients are increasingly choosing their contractor based on tech savviness. Offer them the cutting edge.


We stand by Pillar like you stand by your homes. Contact us whenever you need our help.

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Colin McGrath Headshot

Colin McGrath

Chief Executive Officer
Colin is an early-stage startup expert with 8 years of experience in the tech industry serving various roles. He has worked at numerous startups as one of the first hires including Ring and Nubeva. He has seen first hand what contributes to both success and failure of startups in the near and long term.
Donovan Lowkeen Headshot

Donovan Lowkeen

Chief Technology Officer
Donovan is a rising star in the engineering world who has a rare talent for planning and organization. An engineer at heart, he has simultaneously built the majority of our application and setup our project management flows. Donovan has a penchant for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in technology as well as himself.
Justin Reinhart Headshot

Justin Reinhart

Creative Director
Justin is a polymath. While serving as an estimator for a contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area, he single handedly developed beautiful tooling for his employer to engage their clients. He is passionate about improving the inefficiencies present in modern construction project management and is an expert in design & design thinking.

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