Bidding Jobs with the Pillar Bid Sheet

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Bidding Jobs with the Pillar Bid Sheet

The Pillar Bid Sheet provides a clear and structured way to bid residential construction projects. Designed by contractors for contractors, this bid sheet is custom-tailored to help you track RFQs, thoroughly estimate each trade, and track invoices after you’ve broken ground. Learn how to use the Pillar Bid Sheet below and make your bidding process more organized and much faster.

Quote Requests

Pillar Bid Sheet - Quote Requests

The first part of using the Pillar Bid Sheet is tracking your quote requests (RFQs) from subs and suppliers, providing a single place to reference the status of each quote required to properly bid the job.

Organize your requests by category and the name of the company doing the quote. Then, mark the status of the quote and take any relevant notes to keep on top of your subs and suppliers.

Individual Trade Bid Sheets

Within the Pillar Bid Sheet, you will find sections dedicated to individual bid sheets for each trade. This section allows you to input the costs for subs, materials, labor, allowances, and most importantly profits & overhead (P&O, aka markups).

With the individual trade bid sheets, you will be able to quickly assemble the line-item costs for each trade and the profit you expect to make for each item. This all rolls up into subtotals for each trade, visible in the top right as well as the summary sheet.

Pillar Bid Sheet - Bid Sheets

Bid Summary

Pillar Bid Sheet - Summary

The bid summary sheet provides a top-down look at each major section of the project, the required trade, materials, labor, allowances, and profits for each trade, and the sum total of the project cost.

From here, you can also specify the high-level details of your project, for example, the sqft, expected duration, and markups (P&O) for each cost category. These markups will be applied automatically to line items in the matching sections.


Once you have broken ground on the project, you can continue to use the Pillar Bid Sheet to track billing your clients to understand, at a glance, how much of each line item has been successfully paid off and how much is still outstanding.

Each invoice can quickly and easily be broken down into what percentage of the total cost you’d like to include in that invoice; keeping track of the total billed percentage across each bill until 100% of the cost has been billed and received.

Pillar Bid Sheet - Invoices

In Summary

The Pillar Bid Sheet is designed to make the process of creating and managing your bids faster, more organized, and much more enjoyable. With the Pillar Bid Sheet, you will be able to bid more jobs faster then ever before, getting more work and spending more billable hours in the field.

Pillar is company dedicated to improving the lives of contractors, making the process of working with their clients a much smoother and more enjoyable experience. Learn more about Pillar’s main product line – the Pillar Construction Coordination Platform – and what it can offer your business and your clients.

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