Music And Productivity In Construction

Music is Linked to Productivity in Construction

How Music is Linked to Productivity?

Music is a language that we all understand. From the time we’re young, we all understand how influential music can be, and for many of us has remained a staple in our life. Aside from music being a nice pastime, music can actually make us happier and more productive at work, which begs the argument that music should be used as a tool at work or on the job site. Here are the big takeaways on how music is linked to productivity, and why we believe it should especially be utilized in the construction industry.


Positive Effects on the Brain

Music releases dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which helps regulate emotional responses and can affect mood and social behavior. Dopamine is the same chemical released in your brain when ingesting coffee, making an argument that listening to music is like a more natural, prolonged cup of coffee throughout the day.

The job site can be stressful, and an overwhelming amount of stress can lead to carelessness, which could potentially lead to injury. Some studies have found that music can even reduce pain, assist memory and increase motivation, all of which can help reduce the chance of injury on the job site and lead to a higher quality of work and higher levels of efficiency.

Less carelessness leads to fewer mistakes on the site, hence, a more productive job site– something we at Pillar promote heavily.


How to Find the Right Songs

If you need to learn new things, you want music without lyrics since lyrics can interfere with your ability to retain new information.

When you listen to music with lyrics, your brain has to process auditory data on top of the information and facts you’re trying to learn. This multitasking can cause your brain to interpret the information incorrectly or make mistakes about what it needs to store.

In addition, if your work requires deep focus, it’s best to choose familiar songs. New music can surprise and distract you from your work if it’s more interesting than the task you need to accomplish.

What works best for you will be for you to find out, but we’ve found (and experienced) that jobs which require high levels of focus, like building a house, are best coupled with familiar music.



Familiar music can increase productivity with repetitive tasks, whereas new music can boost creativity and the ability to solve problems. We believe that both of these fields are incredibly important on the construction site– which is why on top of creating a communication software to increase productivity, we also created a Spotify playlist to help your team be more productive on the site. This playlist is made almost exclusively of classic rock, with some very familiar songs, and others you may not have heard of to help boost creativity. Check it out through the link here.


About Pillar

Pillar is a contractor client communication software, with the intention of increasing productivity on the job site through increasing communication. Our software lays out the entirety of all your projects on one simple, easy-to-use app, making deadlines for each project apparent and easy to follow for you, your team and your clients. To find out if your team could benefit from communication software, come visit us at our website, or visit us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or check out our playlist on Spotify.

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