All of the important stuff, in order of importance.

The Right Things at the Right Time

Homeowners may not be construction experts, but they are a core part of the team. Keep them focused on making the right decisions at the right time.

All in a Day's Work

The project roadmap is important, but the rubber meets the road today. Consult the ‘Today’ view to find out what needs your attention right now.

One for You, One for All

Need to focus just on yourself? Look at ‘My Tasks’. Want to see what your whole team is working on? Toggle over to ‘All Tasks’.

A Space of Your Own

Not every task needs to be public. Take care of the little things with Private Tasks — just like the notepad you keep with you throughout the day.

Raise your bottom line by staying on top of it.

Time is money and tasks are how you spend it. Pillar is designed to help you, your team and your clients make your time more valuable by getting the right things done at the right time.

Ready To Get More Done?

Explore New Possibilities with Pillar.


Pillar’s selections tool offers an organized and efficient fashion for your clients to input their selections, and for you to manage them; find out how this increase in communication can save you time on projects.


Pillar’s dashboard offers a simple snap shot of status for all your projects. Start your day off by knowing exactly what needs to be done, what’s coming up, pending selections, weather hiccups and more.