Managing Selections = The Client’s Job

Any general contractor knows the difficulty of handling client-based decisions– specifically concerning managing selections when they have hundreds of options. 

First, the larger the project, the more selections to make. Door handles, trims, finishes, paint colors, types of glass, faucets, and lightbulbs; Managing selections is, by no doubt, one of the most difficult parts of the residential construction project

Second, there is no efficient way to keep track of all the items you order. Clients will often forget what they ordered, and you may occasionally order an incorrect item.

At Pillar, we asked one question: why hasn’t anybody fixed this yet?

The Power Of Proper Communication

One of the biggest challenges facing any contractor-client relationship is the aspect of communication – and many details are forgotten during a face-to-face conversation. 

As far as revisions and changes, these have to be discussed over text, phone, or during the next meeting. 

Details get lost in texts & the next meeting might not be every day. So, why not use something more efficient?

This is why we created a built-in chat to discuss and help manage selections with your clients. Accordingly, you can easily discuss and store any prevalent details surrounding selections with Pillar in the same place. There is no more place for miscommunication. 


Improved Client Satisfaction


You can’t be there all the time for your clients… With Pillar, they can track every progress, from completed tasks to unfinalized selections to upcoming due dates. If they have a change that pops up when you’re off for the day, they can input this change directly into Pillar; you’ll receive a notification to review the change.

Managing selections using the features
Changes in the project giving the outcome "revision"
Managing selections using chat
The image shows the clients and contractors managing selections


Having clients actively managing selections even while you’re away increases their involvement in the project. This is a win-win situation; 

 If any of their selections aren’t possible, simply decline their request, write an explanation in the chat and submit. Along with it, they’ll receive a notification that their selection needs revision and changes.


Is Pillar Right For You?


Finally, after interviewing hundreds of contractors, we found two issues in the existing softwares:

1) Communication between contractors and their clients isn’t efficient through these softwares;

2) They’re incredibly difficult to learn, keeping the “time-saving” very far from the real intentions of using it;

If those issues happen to you as well, then yes, it’s time to join Pillar and start saving time for real.

Come visit our website to learn more, or request early access to save on your subscription to Pillar before we fully release it. Spots are limited; don’t wait until it’s too late.

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